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Award-winning Ecommerce Solutions, Value-Added Freight Forwarding, Expedited Shipping and White Glove Services – enabling our clients’ businesses to thrive, even in the most challenging of times.

City Shipping

We provide our clients with specialized final mile delivery options an especially useful service for businesses with large items.

Local State Shipping

Pacerelay trucking provides shipping services for local state. supports cooperative that provide beneficial rates for any state.

Global Shipping

The Pacerelay trucking Shipping takes the complexity of shipping internationally, bringing your business to markets around the world.

About Us

We Are Global Logistics Shipping & Local Delivery Services

We always ship your vehicle with confidence. We are an auto transport broker specializing in the shipment of passenger vehicles from all points within the world. We can help you with moves of other types, but we are experts in cars, trucks and bikes. When you choose a reputable and experienced company like Us, you will be rest assured knowing your vehicle will be in the hands of professionals. It will get from point A to point B safely and on time. While we have grown into corporate relocations for Fortune 500 companies, we still move many vehicles for people in the sports and entertainment fields. Again, we’re not bragging. We just want you to know that when you do business with us, you get first-class treatment regardless of who you are or what you drive.

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Global Shipping

What We Do

Lets Know Our Business Shipping Services

We drive or transport vehicles between different areas. You are responsible for ensuring the safety and prompt delivery of the vehicles We haul.

Enclosed Truck

Enclosed car shipping is the true white-glove shipping solution. It uses 100% industrial-grade metal protection within completely sealed carriers.

Open Air Truck

The most popular way to transport a car cross-country is using a consumer-oriented car shipper

Cargo container

If you need to ship your vehicle overseas, the only real option is via a cargo container.

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More Than 25+ Company Use Our Services

Pacerelay trucking has shown year after year they are an asset to our operation by providing a lean and cost-conscious service, able to deliver consistent budget control.

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10 Years Experience

Your vehicle is handled by double insured experts who ensure its complete safety and well-being.

500+ Partner Registered

We prioritizes the progress of every employee. We provide inclusive work environment

Best Global Awards

Distinctively exploit optimal alignments for intuitive. Quickly coordinate business applications

Biggest Community

We bring the right people together to challenge established and drive transform.

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Willing and professional team members available to assist you around the club

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More Than 500+ Our Branch Partner & Get Passive Income

Our culture prioritizes the progress of every employee. We provide competitive compensation, foster a safe, inclusive work environment and support you in achieving your goals.

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What You Get If Join Our Partnership Branch

Looking for something more than just a logistics job? Looking for a meaningful logistics career? Then Pacerelay trucking is the place for you. Be part of a team that consistently delivers robust end-to-end logistics solutions. One that routinely meets and surpasses our clients’ expectations.

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What Our Customers Say

These case studies will help to demonstrate how Pacerelay trucking adds value for our client’s businesses worldwide. From retail to lifestyle and from high-tech to MedTec – here are just a few of the many stories that will help you to see what a difference partnering with Pacerelay trucking can make.

Had a great experience. Driver was fantastic, kept us updated all through the transport. Car came in perfect condition. Very happy with the service.

Michel Parker

Very pleased all around everyone was good on communications from rep and driver. Driver called multiple time to keep me posted on whereabouts Kim was amazing with great info and was very good to work

Andrew Carter Designation

I have shipped my car before with another company and this was the easiest and quickest. Dispatch gave me updates the entire time. Loved the communication. Thanks again guys, i will use you again when its time to head out west again.

Florance Carter